Monday, July 30, 2007

My Kind of Shop

Those who know me well know that I love to shop, but hate to pay full price. I like to make a bit of a sport out of seeing how much I can buy for as little as possible (no wonder my house is so cluttered, eh?).

Anyway, today's shop was the kind of thing that I love. Braeden doesn’t need new jeans for school because we stocked up in spring for $7 a pair in his current size and the next size up. He does, however, need new shirts, mostly long-sleeve and then turtlenecks when those become available.
For today’s shop, I got:

3 new short-sleeve shirts, $5 off

7 new long-sleeve t-shirts, $14 off

2 other long-sleeve shirts, no mark down

1 hoodie, $2 off

I found a promo for $10 off

Had two $50 gift cards from credit card points

That got my total down to $5.50

$5.47 in tax

$5 shipping (gas would cost more right now)

You have to like being able to spend only about $1.23 a shirt!

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