Thursday, July 26, 2007


Me trying to engage in some pretend play: "I'm Ollie"

Thane: "No silly! You're Mama!" placing his hand on his chest "Faney's Mama!"

It's cute as now it seems like I belong to him.

This weeks rots. I mostly have my more pleasant Braeden back, but this being in two places at once is way to much for me.

We have a partial family date for tomorrow night. Dave and I are going to dinner with Braeden while Thane plays with Kim. There is definitely something going on with Braeden so it seems like this is a good idea. Thane wouldn't do well in a restaurant because it is conventional to actually sit and eat your dinner, and trying to find things that he can and will eat in a restaurant still feels daunting. I really don't want him being glutened because he is just getting over a sinus infection and his speech clarity is not back to normal yet.

Which brings me to his speech evaluation. It was pretty depressing in its own right as he still is over a year behind in some areas. He did score as high as 3 years 3 months, which is only 3-4 months behind, in comprehension, and at age level for articulation, so those are huge leaps forward. I guess it is all coming, but . . .

You also have to love new goals such as "In a classroom setting, Thane will demonstrate ability to follow a two-part command such as "Thane, please put your Kleenex in the trash, go get your coat and line up by the wall." First, that is more than two parts. Second, he has no clue what a Kleenex is.

Oh, and my email has been out for 5 days now. I have to keep calling the satellite company, and talking to tech support in India. "Thank you very much, how may I be of your most valuable service?" I have to say that the 3-4 hours I have been on the phone with tech support, only to learn is all their problem and nothing I can do, I have to grumpily say that all the politeness doubled the chat time, maybe tripled it. There is something funny about it . . . though I realize I am being totally un-PC here:

"Hello, my name is Sean, thank you very much for calling HughesNet. How may I be of your most valuable service?"

"My email is reporting an "error, in-use, mailbox locked . . . "

"Thank you very much. I am so sorry for your inconvenience. I will help you. Thank you for being patient with me. Can you open your mail program."

"Yes, opened."

"Oh yes, thank you very much. I will help you. Do you see tools?"


"Thank you very much. Please click tools."

Duh! "OK"

"Thank you very much. Please click on"


"Yes. Thank you for your patience. I will help you. Now click delete."


"Thank you very much, did you delete it?"


"Thank you! What do you see now? There should be no mail servers. I will help you. We will set up your mail again. Thank you very much for your wonderful patience with me today."

When politeness becomes so time-consuming, I confess that I find it rather annoying.

Thank you very much for your patience!

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Kimberly said...

ROFL!!! Bec, that is too much! LOL! I think that would have irritated me too. :)

I'm sorry you've been having such a crappy week or so. I wonder what's up with Braeden. I hope you guys can get to the root of the problem. I know from being around my nephews that it's no picnic when they're not their "normal" selves. I hope the weekend is better for you.