Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm sure anyone who checks here is infinitely curious about how I spend my spare time. Lately I have been beading things.

I find some humor in today's project . . . I made this clip and tacked it on to the window frame near where I sit at the kitchen table. Not shown in the photo is that I have clipped Thane's meal session chart to the bottom of it. Hopefully this will save the chart from future food wars, but you never know with Thane!

I also made a long memo holder for near the door. I guess it would look better if it wasn't on unfinished sheetrock, but honestly there are some things that bother me about it anyway and I have to resist re-stringing it.

I am going to do some work with sea glass, possibly something to donate for Braeden's school's auction in May. I don't tend to have a ton to offer for that kind of thing, so this may be worth a try. I've also imported some beads from Hong Kong and from the Czech Republic to use in some elaborate ceiling bead-art. I suppose I should take a photo of my office ceiling and my kitchen as well. My favorite in the kitchen right now is that we have three glass star lanterns. Thane likes to count them . . . una, dos, tres, waffle, cinco!

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