Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Traditional New Year's Sledding

We have a bit of a family tradition of sledding on the New Year . . . as long as there is snow. Yesterday was a slightly different issue as there was actually too much snow, even before another eight inches or so fell on last night. Thane also got to start the new year with a snow day today. Braeden doesn't start again until Monday, January 7.

Braeden first tackled his little brother and tried to cover him in snow. After being redirected from that endeavor, he launched a snowball at Mist. She doesn't tend to mind!

I always think it is funny to watch her hang out collecting snow all over her head and back.

I have to say I like the big snowflake in the middle of Thane's nose. He looks so cute all bundled up. It's amazing that a child who used to hesitate before walking from carpet to wood now plays in the snow!

Braeden, being Braeden, was looking to make the largest possible snowball to get Daddy with. Poor Dave is such a target to these children! Yet it doesn't stop him from packing down a sled run for the kids.

Mist likes to run circles around him and leave holes in the run. What a helpful dog! She also howls at him and tries to get Dave to play.

I joke we need a snowmobile just for making the sled run down the front lawn. Dave turned to snow shoes and my mind's voice was singing "Stomp, stomp, stomp, we're stomping that Yeti stomp" like Pablo from the "Backyardigans."

Thane decided to wander off toward the driveway as he didn't want to wait any longer.

Sometimes it is best not to try to go over the embankment, as sometimes you end up inside it. When you're now much taller than the snow, it can be very hard to get yourself out again . . .

Which means you have to wait for Daddy the Yeti to stomp over in his snow shoes and rescue you.

Braeden, again being so totally Braeden, decides to go over to the same area and try to encase himself in snow.

Finally! The boys get to start sledding. Unfortunately they left at least one sled out there, so who knows when that will be seen again.

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Kimberly said...

I'm just drooling looking at all that snow! We had a bit here but nothing like that gorgeous stuff you have in Maine. :) The kids look like they're having a blast. So, do you do any sledding? :)