Monday, January 21, 2008

The Hat Makes a Dave

Thane decided he wanted to go to school today – problem is that it was a holiday. Braeden did have school, further confusing the issue. So Thane then decided he wanted to at least go somewhere. Dave needed to go to the Union Farm Equipment to get back the wheel that fell off when he was plowing last week, so he figured he would just take Thane over there.

Thane told “Daddy” he needed a hat, and was showing him that there was one hanging off a lamp post in the sunroom. Dave grabbed a different one and put in on, to which Thane said, “Now Daddy turned into Dave!”

I giggled as I heard this, but then he still wanted that hat from in the sunroom. They went down in, Thane climbed on a bench and got the hat down. He put it on his head and said, “Now I’m Dave!”

Then Dave and Dave went to the tractor shop, which seemed somehow appropriate.

They came home with a tire and a red fire truck.

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Kimberly said...

LOL! How incredibly cute! :)