Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Number One

Sometimes the biggest joys come from the littlest things.

Last week, Braeden was at soccer camp. This camp has a Wacky Wednesday where the players dress up, and they get to dress the coaches as well. I probably should have gone to see the coach that was wearing my plus-size dress!

One of the items Braeden brought down to dress in was a little purple wizard hat. I’m not really sure how it landed in the costume box, but it was actually from a dog Halloween outfit. It was worn by the late Typhoon, back when Braeden was four. We called him “The Great Whizzer.” He wasn’t amused, but we humans were.
Braeden decided it was really too small to be comfortable – though he was correct that it was funny looking on him. Since Braeden can never be bothered to put anything fully away, the hat landed on the floor in the foyer at some point.

There the hat was discovered by Thane. He deemed it a party hat. Right size, makes sense. Thaney was just thrilled with his find and put it right on.

All of this has lead to discussions of birthdays. Misty has a birthday next week. She’ll be twelve. Yikes! She’s our we’re never going to have a baby, let’s get another puppy (we had three other dogs when we got her). Thane took great glee in planning and will go shopping with one of us for party goods. We’re going to throw a party for her complete with yellow cake (so I ordered 5 different kinds of gluten free cake from The Gluten Free Mall last night) as I need to make cupcakes to freeze for school anyway. He’s undecided at the moment as to whether Mist’s cake should be a square or a dog bone shape.

Trying on the party hat.

Happy as can be!


Can I make a silly face?

Trying unsuccessfully to make a sad face.

Could he look any happier?

He’s still one, and he will only be “the number one” on his next birthday too. We asked him who he’d invite to a birthday party.

“I like Mama!”
“I like Daddy!”
“I like Braeden!”
“I like Misty!”

He started walking away from us, Dave and I, adding, “And I like the Wiggles!”

That sure made us laugh! It was so simple, so honest, and totally cute!


Alicia said...

I can't believe your puppy baby is 12. The kids I guess I have been keeping up with the years some but I remember getting intelligible email from the puppy in your lap too. Gosh what changes in our lives. Happy Birthday Misty hope you all have a great party.

Melissa R said...

Thane looks more and more like B every time I see him. Wow, they can't deny they are brothers!