Monday, July 21, 2008

In the AC

With the humid air lately, I have found myself much more comfortable hanging out in my office with the air-conditioner going. The computer gets a bit boring, so along with art projects with Thane (stickers, coloring where I have to do all the work until my hand falls asleep, and rubber stamping), I have been beading a little bit.

I got it into my head to make a bracelet for myself. I bought some copper findings because they were so much cheaper than sterling. I made this bracelet with copper and copper crystal, but I can't decide whether it might just be too dainty for a large woman such as myself. I love the color, but I'm debating making myself something a bit clunkier.

I've also been playing with bookmarks a lot, but haven't photographed any of those. The pictures only get taken if the children are doing something fun and one of the pieces happens to be around. I took the picture below of a pen with lampwork, furnace cane, and pewter beads, and a key ring with lampwork and pewter, because I was also taking photos of Thane with stickers all over himself. Good thing they are gluten-free. Dave came in and joked that he will be the one of our boys to get the tattoos.

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