Friday, July 18, 2008

Thane's School

I have to say that I am impressed with Thane’s new preschool. Everyone there is very friendly and it seems like everyone knows who all the kids are, whether or not they are directly involved with the child.

We had a really bad pickup on Tuesday, which resulted in my chickening out of the field trip on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon I spoke with our social worker and she told me a lot about how his school day is going – when I asked her to stop by, I thought she might be there for a half hour but instead she stayed most of the morning.

Thursday morning the teachers were all set to have Thane stay a bit late. When I arrived, one of the teachers skipped him over to the car and put him inside for me – and then took his swim stuff inside to hang so we didn’t have to bring it back on Friday. It worked so perfectly it was wonderful!

Today I picked him up, and he ran to me, hugged me, and slurred that it was really nice to see me. I offered him some time on the playground before leaving. I watched him play with two little girls. One looked older and seemed very nurturing, while the other was younger and more on the same level with Thane. It was very sweet to see their interactions, to see Thane actually wait his turn without huffing, and that he was intentionally being social without having to control everyone around him.

We had a discussion on the playground about a rocket sand mold that he wanted to take with him, but he agreed to leave it. There was discussion, but no hysterics.

He got in the car easily and fell asleep quickly. He was pleasant when we got home too, so all very successful.

He also made it through part of Braeden’s performance on Thursday evening, but not through it all. And once again, my video camera didn’t make it either, so Dave didn’t get to see the play at the end. It was a bit too long for a four-year-old, and some kind of spooky lighting . . . but the hardest part was the clapping and the noise. Thaney got pretty nervous. He was only happy when Braeden was on stage, and only when he could see me. He wasn’t being particularly accepting of Kim, when he usually is, so Dave took him outside once he announced he had to pee. Considering how many challenges the little guy has faced back-to-back this week, I can’t help but be in awe of his strength.

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Melissa said...

How nice that you had, overall, a great Thane week. I know it started out rocky, so how nice to hear the end was smooth and impressive :)

Melissa R