Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random This and That

I’m just going to do some random thoughts – definitely not a cohesive blog entry!

Thane walked into the office on Friday night and handed me a camera. I finally got around to stashing them in different rooms again. I asked if he used it, and he said yes . . . but for some reason I didn’t unload it until today. Dave and I got a kick out of what he chooses to take pictures of. This time it was chairs – up-close pictures of the chair fabrics. He took one of my office chair, Dave’s, Braeden’s, the leather recliner, two mismatched kitchen chairs, and finally one of the dining chairs out in the sunroom. Basically he covered every texture of chair on the first floor of the house.

We have had a string of very positive reports on Thane’s progress – reports just came in from his horseback therapy, his old speech therapist and his old occupational therapist. All of them remarked on how hard he works and how much progress he has shown in all areas.

We’re also feeling like we made the right choice to switch schools. I am so impressed with how much thought and care his teachers put into keeping him well and helping him through transitions. He told us yesterday as we drove past his old school that he does like his new one better. The old school was good for who he was last year, but the new school is more appropriate for today’s Thane.

Right now the only negative about Thaney’s behavior is that he is head-butting again and being more physical again. It isn’t aggressive because he is a rather cheerful little man. Instead I think it is sensory. He cried in pain when we got rained on the other day, so I think some sensory stuff is flaring up. I think there are a few things we can do to help. One is to restore access to a swing in the living room. The other is to massage his head. I have been doing a lot of that this weekend and I have been rammed by him since Friday.

Braeden is doing well. He is so easy in a lot of ways, and he is very, very helpful. I made a point of stopping by to watch him at soccer camp a couple of times –without telling him beforehand so it was unexpected. I even did it on a day when someone else was planning to pick him up because I just thought it would be nice to watch. He has been goalie a lot lately and he is thinking he wants to do traveling soccer in fall. I need to check with a friend to see if we might be able to coordinate efforts on that one because our town has a lousy team and it would be better for him to do it elsewhere. One trick will be finding something that doesn’t interfere with fall afterschool sailing or his theater troupe.

Braeden doesn’t have camp this week, but is going adventuring on two or three days with a friend. Next week he does Dutch Soccer, then a week off and he will do sailing with two friends. Then both boys will be off for a bit over a week before school starts again. It’s hard to believe that it is coming in just five weeks now!

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