Sunday, July 06, 2008

New School + Educating Myself

I’m doing a Sunday afternoon blog catch-up.

Thane started a new school this week. The first day was hard. It was a rule that he wear short sleeves and shorts because we didn’t want him overheating (he won’t drink water). Then we turned the “wrong way” taking the “wrong path” to get to the new school. He was in full-blown tears outside and I felt horrible. We slowly got him closer, but the mosquitoes were out and they were bothering him too (he is not a fan of bugs). Once inside the activities interested him, and seeing the teacher who played with him the other day helped, but he still said good-bye reluctantly with a red-and-white, blotchy, tear-stained face and completely downturned mouth.

I think that is the hardest time I have had leaving a child at school so far! Braeden was ready and didn’t cry when we left. With Thane’s last school, he started out in the toddler program and I stayed with him, or at least in the building (there was a parent support group down the hall once a week), and that lasted for nine months. That gave me time to get comfortable with the staff, and to keep an eye out on Thane.

The good news is that he continues to meet challenges with a ton of strength. I have to say I totally admire his persistence and willingness to push against things that are uncomfortable to him. He really tries to work through any issues he has, and he simply doesn’t give up easily on much of anything (unless it involves eating or holding a pen/pencil/crayon/marker!). He was only a little reluctant to go on his second day, and didn’t want to leave without a ride down the slide since the extended day children play outside after lunch. Wednesday and Thursday were easy drop-offs, and he was doing better each day with the day’s activities. I didn’t think he would need a lot of extra support for long, but I think it has helped him get over this big change.

I’ve been impressed with how careful everyone is being to make sure he stays healthy. We had something go wrong on Monday, but it still isn’t 100% clear. He was offered Kinnikick’s Kinni-Critters for snack. He wasn’t seen eating one, but he did spend about two hours running in and out of the bathroom, and not always making it. I asked him if his tummy was sick and he said, “No. Tummy not sick. It hurts!” Poor guy!

Looking around, I saw shared lines with eggs and palm fruit as an ingredient – and I really didn’t know what a palm fruit was, though I have seen palm oil in a lot of things. I learned today that palm fruits are the same as dates. I asked on some gluten-free and biomed lists, but mostly the suggestion was that the soy in the cookies could be the issue. We have other things with soy, though not a lot, so I don’t think that is it. Today I have been searching for some new foods to try so I have been going back and forth between web sites checking on traces of this and that. If there are eggs or gluten on a shared line, that’s a no go. But I would think shared facility different room on eggs would be OK, so I have been double-checking everything. Apparently they have to say “may contain traces” if they are in the same building! Ugh. I actually feel some sense of relief in finding out what may have caused some of the flare-up. Thankfully it wasn’t a horrible one – he had a hurt tummy, but he was still in good spirits and active.

Below is a picture of the fruit from a date palm tree – it can be called a date, or a palm fruit depending on the manufacturer.

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