Sunday, August 17, 2008

Braeden and Fall

This week's big news is that Braeden got a a big role in an upcoming community youth theater production of There's Something in My Closet. This will be a lot of work, and some solo singing, so it should be interesting. He's excited and we have all his lines highlighted and ready to practice.

One of the other mother's of a child at Braeden's school called and started asking about fall carpool. The same day, a month before school starts, I got an email from another family in our carpool. We got a tentative schedule worked out, but I have to admit that fall is starting to scare me. I'll have Thane going to school 14 miles south of home while Braeden is 22 miles north. I have to drive Thane both ways each day, and it looks like I will be doing Monday and Friday afternoons.

Tuesday and Thursday I will still have to make my way north to get Braeden at 5 as he will be doing fall afterschool sailing. Then he has theater on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Good thing he rarely has homework! Thane will still be horseback riding through October. He has come so far and it so nice to see him doing more and looking forward to the ride.

I feel kind of like I just settled into summer's version of routine, and there are only two weeks left! Next week is chaos of some variety as I am driving two other kids to sailing camp, and asked one of the other moms to pick up on Wednesday and entertain Braeden for an hour and drop him at the theater where I will get him after horseback riding. Thursday I will pick up her child and bring him home for the night. Dave will take the two older boys to the Union Fair. He's going to take Thane alone another night as he just thinks it would be better for the kids to do it that way.

I already know Thane's teacher for the fall. I am hoping Braeden gets one of two teachers for his reflections group, and that he is happy with his schedule. He is beginning his transition into upper school with one class.


CG said...

Be sure and give Braeden my name so he when he becomes famous he can remember to send autographed photos!! He is quite the actor. Sounds like you guys are going to be really busy. I don't know how you do all that driving.
Thane has really done wonderfully. You are amazing by getting him all the things and be stealth about his therapies and behavior mods. You are a wonderful mom. Though I have to ask? Sailing? Kids are doing this now? I really must live in the backwoods:)

M~O said...

How come B doesn't have much homework? I wish the boys didn't, and all we keep hearing is what a hard transition 3rd grade is here and how it's all projects and even more work. Ugh.

Bec said...

Michelle, He goes to private school and there are usually at most 8 children in each class. They have better luck at getting things done during the school day. He really only had homework a handful of times last year, but they do suggest a half hour of reading each afternoon/evening, which is no problem here. Often he has that done by the time he gets home because of the car ride!

Bec said...

Chasity, I am not sure how common after-school sailing is . . . I only know one place that offers it around here, but it happens to be a couple of miles from Braeden's school. He's been sailing for a few years now and loves it. We have boats, but this summer none of them have gotten in the water. Life is too crazy around here!