Monday, August 04, 2008

Doesn't He Look Cute?

It seems as if Thaney is all tuckered out this afternoon. He gave me a nice big hug when I picked him up at school, we got some ice cream, picked up a friend of Braeden’s, and came home.

While the older two boys played together, Thane I played catch. How the game works is that Thane runs back and forth from the sunroom to the living room – through the kitchen – and I try to catch him. It is so hot and humid, and the sky opens up every once in and while and unloads buckets of water, that I had no idea how he could keep it up.

Braeden and his friend reported an injury to a stuffed horse – “Grandma Horse.” I had to give Grandma Horse stitches while a very, very impatient Thane asked if I was done yet. When I was finished, he placed a giant bandage over the wound. But then Baby Horse needed a Band Aid too – with Big Bird on it. And then Mr. Lizard needed an Elmo bandage. I thought we might go through a ton of bandages, but I went to the bathroom and when I came out, I found this:

Could anything be cuter than a little boy sleeping in his swing with Curious George and Wilbur the Pig (a gift from his grandparents because he wanted a stuffed pig last year)? Of course I needed a photo, but I didn’t use a flash because I wanted him to get some sleep. What a cutie! And no, I am not remotely biased!

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