Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I forgot my camera last week, but after a rough week the week before last, we had a surprisingly easy transition to yet another horse. I was smart and put a bunch of different horse images in his social story about riding, but Othello wasn't one of them!

Othello is yet another beautiful horse and he is very sweet. He's also half Percheron, which makes him even bigger than Manchester. The woman leading the horse is over 6 feet tall. Last week Manchester was tired. I'm not sure why we had Othello again this week, but Thane was thrilled and they seem like a good match even if Thane looks totally tiny riding such a big horse. He had some new experiences today including trotting, riding the horse without his side walkers holding onto him, and then doing a slide puzzle. I have a picture of that on the bottom because it is just cute to see his concentration.

We spoke with our social worker today and told her that ours should be the feel-good appointment of the day because we are both so thrilled with how Thaney is doing. He's playing with other kids, he's loving school, he's just doing fantastic.

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