Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mist!

She's just one again, according to Thane. Actually, today she turns 12, which is pretty old for a 80-pound Siberian muttsky. She was not amused that we asked her to wear a hat! She did enjoy her gifts, though. I actually took the boys to a pet store this afternoon and let them pick some treats for her. They chose a stuffed bone with a squeaker, a stuffed pink person, a fancy birthday dog biscuit, and gluten-free, grain free dog treats. These ones actually look totally safe for Thane to touch.

Thane is the one who wanted a birthday party and insisted the cake needed to be shaped like a dog bone. We used an allergan free yellow cake mix and once again we were underwhelmed . . . even Mist snubbed that, so good thing Braeden got her the fancy dog biscuit!

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onesillymama said...

Bec, she is a gorgeous dog, and you have been blessed indeed to have had her in your family this long. I love dog birthday parties!