Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Certificate of Success

We had fun at Freedom Riders again today. I found myself feeling a bit sad that we have a week off and then we'll do a shorter fall session of only five weeks. At the end, on October 11, there will be a show where all of the riders can show friends and family what they have learned. The teacher very nicely gave the boys certificates and their choice of Ty Beanie Babies. Thane chose a fawn. It struck me as an odd choice and I thought maybe he just grabbed one, but he was quite taken with his little baby deer and snuggled her all the way home.

I need to spend a bit of time catching things up a little on this blog, but I have been playing with beads more than typing lately. I have posted a lot of pictures of my stuff on Flickr because it is easier to chat with friends about what I am up to if they can take a look.

I have all sorts of pictures of the boys at the Union Fair, a Medieval War that Dave went to with a friend, and Braeden's recent interest in stop-motion videos . . . I just need to sort, choose, and post somewhere.

I also sold my website after 12 years. I wasn't keeping it up well and the fertility issues seem more distant. There is just so much else I need to learn and be up-to-date on now.


CG said...

The hippo therapy sounds like it has been awesome. I hope I can try it with Landon one day.

Bec said...

Chas, you really should look into it. It does a ton for neck and trunk muscles. Is that covered where you live?