Sunday, April 08, 2007


The boys have been cute today. Braeden was very patient with his little brother – he even handed over his entire bag of collected eggs because Thane really liked the bright eggs.

It reminded me that when Thane was only a year old he was so taken with the plastic eggs that he played with them for months after Easter. It’s kind of like the joke about toddlers preferring the box the toy came in to the toy itself. I remember thinking it was unusual, but looking back it is so much easier to see when some of the patterns emerged.

I watched Oprah’s show on autism – it’s autism awareness month – and found myself irritated that while it mentioned that it is a spectrum, there was no child whose disability is nearly invisible. It would have been nice to show that end of the spectrum. I recorded the MTV special, but haven’t watched it yet. I’m told that one shows more variety among the individual stories told.

We had fun doing our egg hunt at home. Braeden and Dave saw a movie together while Thane and I stayed home. Then we all had dinner together – sort of. Thane didn’t stay at the table, but he did join us for awhile. I not on my regular computer, but I hope to upload some pictures this week sometime.

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mcewen said...

I have a lot of pals with kids on the spectrum and it's the parents who have very HF kids that have the worst time of it, just because of the apparent 'invisibility.'
Best wishes