Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Yard

All in all, things were pretty mild here -- not like the houses that fell into the sea!

Some tree limbs came down -- some had already been removed from the road by the time I took this picture.

The lower part of our lawn always becomes a bit of a pond for some part of spring.

Braeden took the time to make sure all skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc., were put into this plastic shed before the storm so that they would stay dry, but the wind sheared the top right off of it. It didn't just come apart, it isn't fixable so we have to figure something else out.

Thane was bothered by this. His playhouse flipped over, exposing a bunch of his trucks. All of his trucks that were on the porch were blown onto the ground. He handled it pretty well, but was definitely offended.

I have more pictures -- we have some broken fence, other of these plastic climbers that blew over, and some stuff like that. All things considered, we were very lucky!

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M~O said...

Glad that you didn't sustain too much damage. Loved the pic of the playhouse -- our log cabin is our "shed" for trucks, too!