Sunday, April 22, 2007

Such Progress

After watching several of the videos on What Kind of World Do You Want? I was debating compiling something similar about Thane. I was looking through pictures and videos of my family and what really stood how to me is how incredibly far he has come in the past year. He’s a huge argument, in my opinion, for that fact that diet changes can really change some children.

I wouldn’t say that Thane is “cured” of his autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, but the change is very dramatic.

Last year if a plane flew overhead while we were outside, he would run screaming and flapping his hands, maybe even start crying. This year he signs “listen” and asks us, “You hear that?”

A year ago he was a very sleepy little boy who was often cranky because he couldn’t get his point across. Now he is much more awake, much more cheerful, and his communication is light years beyond where it was. He spoke a 10-word original sentence! It wasn’t from some TV show or a line from a book, it was totally his. He was upset with big brother Braeden and he let him know it, and why!

He’s better able to comfort himself, or let others know what he needs. As parents, we had a sweet aw moment when Thane went over and just wrapped his arms around Braeden, and Braeden wrapped his around Thane and held him. Thane knew just what he needed for comfort and Braeden knew just how to help.

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Kimberly said...

It's wonderful that Thane has come so far so fast. It makes me wonder what he'll be like a year from now.

I've been meaning to ask. Is Thane going to be your last child? Hope that's not too nosy. :)