Monday, April 16, 2007

Swinging Honey

The last home visit we had from one of Thane’s teacher included discussion of problems soothing him lately. It seems like we may have just been in a particularly bad cycle for some reason . . . anyway, we discussed how Thane really likes to be outside, and some of his meltdowns have been about having to go to school rather than playing in the yard. We already have a slide in our living room, but he has decided that swinging is great fun.

The teacher suggested that since we have exposed ceiling beams in our 1824 farmhouse here, that maybe a chair hammock would be good, so we got him one. My house must be an occupational therapist's heaven – trampoline in the library, slide in the living room, swing in the office . . . But Thane loves his new hammock!

After I took his picture a few times (hard to catch a swinging kid with a digital camera), he wanted to see me in the camera. He took it from me and was moving it around. When he couldn't see my face, he would ask "Where's my honey?" – too cute!


Kimberly said...

More than an OT heaven it sounds like KID heaven to me. And what a cute picture of Thane. He's so adorable!

M~O said...

What a great pic, Bec! And that sounds like so much fun -- I wish that we had one in our house, too!