Friday, April 20, 2007

Potty PECS

I worked on picture schedules yesterday and only finished one for brushing teeth. This morning I made a new one for Thane using the potty:

The child appears to share a warped sense of humor with his family! He peed on the potty -- half sitting, half standing (I didn't even know how to begin drawing that!). Then he backed off and stuck his head in the potty. His whole head. In a potty chair! (Not a full-size toilet.)

Unfortunately, I don't have the "Parent's shouldn't laugh" thing down yet. He started trying to put his head in and I started cracking up, as did Dave. The more we told him no, the deeper he put his head, just tempting the pee to soak into his hair. Then he stood up dripping from his bangs.

So today's question is: Which is more warped? A) Sticking your head in your potty after peeing in it? or B) Mommy thinking she is very funny making a picture schedule with a frame for "no head in toilet," or C) The fact that Mommy looks at the joke schedule and thinks she left out pulling up pants and is having to resist changing it because it wouldn't seem as funny to her?

Or maybe it should be D) The fact that I actually did edit it some after I posted it!

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Kimberly said...

Oh boy! Sticking his head in the potty eh? :) It's SO hard not to laugh at stuff like that. I'm the world's worst for laughing when I shouldn't.

Oh, and I absolutely vote for D. :) Perhaps not warped, but definitely amusing!