Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring in Maine

Ahhh, it’s spring in Maine. We’re having lovely weather – rain and wind, and more rain, and more wind . . .

I got up yesterday and had scheduled some blood work for Patriot’s Day because Dave would be home from work and I wouldn’t have to take Thane in – the doctor’s office terrifies him! I did take Braeden and we headed into town, very slowly because we had to drive around downed limbs and such. There was no flooding on our road yet, but later in the day we were somewhat closed off at both ends.

There was flooding in all sorts of weird spots – places I haven’t seen flood in the 20 years I have lived here. I headed across Route One to go into town, only to have to turn around as the major route through town was closed off because of downed trees. I went to the next major road and turned, only to find that the Medomak River was at high tide and most of the road was submerged. I waited my turn and drove on the wrong side of the road where I could still see pavement.

After I finally was able to get to West Main Street, I got my labs drawn and headed to Newcastle – after confirming that the orthodontist’s office still had power. Downtown Damariscotta was blocked to traffic as bricks were flying off the chimney of one of the older buildings, so we avoided downtown completely.

It was Braeden’s first visit to the orthodontist. He is going to need braces, but it sounds like it won’t be as bad as we thought. They sometimes start young, but he got his teeth late and the orthodontist wants to watch his teeth and put in come spacers after some molars come out. It sounds like we’ll be going in every 6-9 months until he gets braces. He’s happy not to have them now!

We then called a friend of Braeden’s to see if we could grab him from Newcastle and take him home with us. We drove down toward Boothbay on the River Road and had to go around flooding, downed trees, and someone’s stockade fencing that collapsed into the road. We got there and a tree had fall across their driveway. We picked up the boy and left, getting home just fine. The only damage here is a roof sheared off our bike storage shed and our basketball hoop is face down in the driveway turnaround.

Our guest called home at about 5 to learn there was no power and the road to his house might be closed. Along with his parents, we decided it was probably safer and easier for him to stay here for the night. This morning we learned that his road is closed and his mother had to walk a mile and half out to get to work. I read last night that a lot of people down there way may be out of power for as many as four days. Not fun!

Meanwhile, Braeden continues to be in high demand. I was never so popular! It’s a scheduling nightmare! I agreed to have a child come here on Thursday since the mom needs to work, but now I have had two other requests for Thursday and some for Friday. It is supposed to stay wet all week, but the water is receding as far as the flooding goes.

The local newspaper says it is the worst storm since the 1998 ice storm. I found a couple of slideshows showing the storm and aftermath. More directly local is the harbor where we keep the Moon Rise.

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Kimberly said...

I had no idea you guys were having such weather! I'm glad you all stayed safe and didn't have too much damage.