Saturday, August 25, 2007

9 + 3 =

We've been switching Thane over to Playmobil toys for his animals . . . made in Germany, no lead paint. I wanted to get some specific animals for Thane, and I also saw new Roman Gladiators, so I bought both boys some new stuff to play with during our two weeks of no camps and such.

Braeden took his soldiers out to the kitchen to set them up on the newly cleared counter and kitchen table (note to self, no wonder we never seem to have any clear flat surfaces, ever) while Thane and I turned the box over and played in the living room.

Braeden never puts anything away without nagging so he left a battle in progress on the breakfast bar . . . I wandered out to my office to fight with the nightmare that overcame my web site this week, and Dave was in the kitchen. Thane migrated out to the kitchen and added a bit of character to the layout.

Dave took this picture for me. Luckily both “pingaroos” have relocated their joeys, but the “cwocadawaddles” remained out in the living room. I love the addition of the duck from the Lucky Ducks game. Thane isn’t restricted by scale issues! Then on top of the siege tower – the photo didn’t come out – there are the soldiers Braeden placed, and then some little chicks, a bunny and a cat.

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