Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend Dialog

My favorite dialog for the weekend was brought about by my minivan being parked off the driveway to allow more space for guests . . .

Oh no! What happen?
Blue car. Blue car in grass.
Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Don’t worry car, we love you! [Stroking the side of the car.]
We’ll help you blue car!
We’ll help!”

Then came the grunt as Thane started pushing on the front of the car to see if he could get it back up on the pavement. He was equally concerned on Sunday when my minivan was once again off the pavement and parked in the grass.

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Pickel said...

Little Pickel is making HUGE advances in speech this week. He is actually starting to have conversations with me.
grandma leave bus in car. Get after pictures.

run around house with cole. Come on cole.

He is actually using prepositions to connect words and using words to tie things together...things I have never heard before.

want yogurt with cereal in it.

Its amazing. Not sure what happened.