Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Supposed to Laugh

There are these things that happen that one really shouldn't laugh at, but I seem to have lousy self-control.

One of the things that I have laughed at a few times, is that Thane likes to say, “Wait a ja fa minute.” We all interpret in a way that maybe it isn’t meant, but it seems so close to, “Wait just a f---ing minute.”

Along with this perhaps inappropriate language was something I definitely took to be swearing, though without understanding. We use an orange cap and a pink cap that each hold about a half cup of Epsom salts to give to Thane in the bathtub. He loves his “snow!” Anyway, the cups were chatting with each other, back and forth, saying:

"Fa you.”
“No, fa you.”
“No, fa you.”

He probably heard it from his parents, which makes it doubly bad doesn’t it? Dave uses those words with inanimate objects all the time. I am more prone to saying, “oh fffffff-uck” when I drop something. I grew up in a house where swearing was common, but it didn’t tend to leave home. I appear to be too old to retrain.

It reminded me so much of an incident with a friend’s child at daycare. The father arrived to pick up his daughter and she was talking to a little boy. They were going back and forth saying

"You’re an asshole.”
“No, you’re an asshole!”
“No you!”

I wonder if Thane’s preschool teachers take the “Wait a ja fa minute” the same way we do? It appears to be part of one of his more common scripts.

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Kimberly said...

Oh my! LOL! That's terrible and funny all at the same time! Around here swearing is tantamount to comitting a felony. ;-) My parents still gasp and swoon when they hear us say the word 'fart'. LOL!