Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Chuckle

Thane was sitting in his x-chair swing in the living room when I moved to the couch to get a good view out the window (waiting for Braeden to be dropped off -- someone actually gave me half a break today). Thane stood up and farted.

“What was zat? Di ya hear dat? Did you hear dat?” (He likes to correct himself these days.)

I said, “Yes, you farted. Now you're supposed to say `excuse me’.”

“No! Did you hear that? It was the sound of a poopy in trouble!”

Then he started grunting and pushing.

Anyone who watches “Go, Diego, Go!” may recognize the script adaptation . . . it just was a poopy in trouble instead of an “aminal.”

An OMOM friend asked what Diego might have in the Rescue Pack to help a poopy in trouble – maybe a laxative? Dave’s suggestion was that since Rescue Pack can convert into whatever is needed it could turn into a potty.

I’ve been meaning to mention the x-chair that took over the living room. We have learned that if others sit in it, they must expect to be sat upon because Thaney has taken total ownership.

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