Monday, August 20, 2007


It is very intriguing how Thane can manipulate his voice. Here we have a child whose original speech can be quite difficult to understand, yet when he copies something it can be with amazing precision.

Thane likes to ask something as soon as I take a drink.

“Mama? Mama?” he asks with no pause in between to let me swallow.

I replied, “Thane?”

“What?” comes spewing out of his mouth in a way that really sounds like some kind of old hag on bad day.

We had the same conversation many times today.

I think anyone who could manage to spend a day at our house would leave feeling as if we’re all crazy. I decided today that I definitely am losing it – and the worst part of that is that I am totally aware of the fact that I am sinking into insanity. Why am I saying this? Well, we break out in song at weird times around here. For example, Braeden and a friend were getting into a conflict in the pool. I said in a sing-song voice, “let it go, let it go” . . . to which he replied “This is smaller than you know. No bigger than a pebble lying on a gravel road” from Great Big Sea. We both burst out laughing and it totally diffused the situation.

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