Friday, August 17, 2007

Birch Point

We actually went to the beach for the first time this summer – considering that it is past the middle of August, that isn't too impressive! I got mostly what I consider memory pictures – not great quality, but fun to look at. I chose this one because there is just something very sweet about having two 9-year-old boys holding hands with the 3½-year-old. They were swinging him and including him in a lot.

Thane is one of the more popular younger siblings among Braeden’s friends. I think it is because he doesn’t generally follow the kids around all the time, but he will occasionally engage in play. I think sometimes they find him kind of humorous too.

Are you okay, Faney?
Yes, I foine.
Thank you.
Thank you much!”

It is rather cute that he has the whole conversation himself. Dave and I also think it is funny that he seems to have a Brooklyn accent when he speaks certain words. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but I don’t have the accent (well, unless I am stringing together choice swear words).

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