Sunday, August 05, 2007

Conversation, Reading

Thane is getting much better at having a conversation . . .

"Faney's? [hand on chest] Faney have some?”

“No, I'm sorry, these are mine,” Braeden replied

“Not for Faney. Bwaeden's. Tings? I love Tings!”

Braeden washed his hands and went and got a bag of Tings for Thane.

On the reading, we bought some Band-Aids last night as we no longer had bandages in the house. I threw out a lot of them when I couldn't confirm whether or not that had gluten. Anyway, he came to me with a newly purchased box that I got specifically for Braeden (so not really worrying about the gluten issue) and Thane asked, “Band-Aid?” as if he wanted to know what it was. I find this kind of thing fascinating.

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