Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brushing Teeth

So far I think my picture schedule method deserves mixed reviews. Thane caught on to the smiley face method the first night and seems happy with that positive reinforcement for doing something he considers torture. That’s the good part.

The negative aspect is that he generally wants to start with “back and forth,” but from there he hasn’t chosen an order. Thane is trying to figure out what he can control in his world and the issue with the laminated card was that to follow the pictures doesn’t lend itself to doing things out of order. A big part of the song helping us has been letting him choose the verse. So perhaps this one would be better with Velcro – or cards, and I could actually pick them up when we’re done!

It also could be that a couple more days of using the card and he would want to follow the order. Maybe I just need one photo of brushing teeth as the visual cue of what is about to happen, or perhaps just the picture of brushing teeth in the midst of the night-time schedule would work. So many options . . . and ways to over-think things.

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