Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mobile Blogging

I guess my social story is a success . . . Braeden read it to Thane four times last night. They were so cute - Thane was shouting the names of the people in the pictures, himself included, and Braeden was cheering him on. Thane actually answered the "What is your name?" correctly within the context of the book, but so far not replicated without the book. It'll come.

This morning we tried story hour at the library. The book choices and the reader being shy was not the best combination. Thane was happy to check out the new library, but when people started arriving for story hour, he wanted to leave. I hate seeing my little one have such a hard time. He cried. He tried to pull me out of my chair, then push me. He hid his face from everyone and was pretty much only okay when he was concentrating on his purple car.

Getting participation in the craft was a bit easier, but he was upset that there was no yellow - he still colors in order of the spectrum. He finally started engaging his DT. I should have taken a camera as she ended up sitting in a chair with a 4-foot bear, a frog, and dog, and an Alice in Wonderland doll . . . and Thane! They read two books together and then we headed out. Thane took a nap before school and I dropped him off a few minutes early.

We're going to stop by and see Braeden after school. He is camping out overnight, but wanted us to visit. I like when the little boy peaks through a bit!

Please ignore typos - I am doing this blog entry from my Blackberry while sitting by the water in Rockport.

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