Friday, June 22, 2007


Because Thane loves Diego, I decided to purchase a Diego computer game. I loaded it up this evening and he was so excited he really couldn't contain himself whatsoever. It is so hard to know what to do in a situation where you know he is extremely happy, but he gets totally wacky. He was screaming and throwing himself on the ground, jumping up, running back to the laptop to watch, flapping his hands and bouncing, answering the questions, throwing himself down again. It was just, well, extreme . . . even for him.

In retrospect, I wonder if his weighted vest might have helped. He was chewing on his fingers so hard I was sure that he would cry out in pain. He didn't, but then he started chewing on his shirt and flapping it around.

Then we had one of those life as we have known it will have to be altered moments -- he grabbed the cord plugging the laptop into the wall and was about to chomp down on it when I stopped him. His face with his teeth in full chomp mode and the cord stretched between his hands is now etched in my mind. It totally freaked me out. The laptop cannot possibly be left in the living room with Thane in there, and obviously it is no time to get casual about electrical cords or safety covers for outlets.

I know I can be a bit over the top, but either Dave or I have been in the room with him all evening.

The other day I was happy that he seemed to be understanding that he needed his "red pool coat" to go in the big pool, but he isn't yet getting that he can't go in it alone. Braeden left one of the backyard gates unlocked and Thane set me to panic mode by heading over there. Luckily I saw the gate was unlocked and Braeden raced over to fix that. The stairs aren't in the pool yet, so it isn't usable for me.

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