Monday, June 18, 2007

Good, Bad, Icky

Dave came home from work this evening and he and the boys got ready to swim. I was sitting in my recliner thinking about taking a quick nap while it was quiet, but I got a whiff of au de skunk . . . I thought maybe they found a skunk en route to the pool, so I headed out back to see what was up. To the right, my family seemed content. To the left, the dog was munching on a skunk. YUCK!!!

The annoying thing is that she was in our backyard, within the fenced in area, and had just been inside before Dave came home. So in the span of at most 15 minutes, she killed two skunks and could not be deterred by my yelling at her. Dave had to separate her from her prey.

The good part isn’t that she got the cute little guys, but that we weren’t still out there. We had been outside until 6, and Dave came home at 6:15. The bad part is the smell – fresh skunk is the absolute worst odor. We need to pray for a good downpour to wash the grass. I already mentioned the icky. And I guess Mist is going to have to go through a de-skunking bath later. Yech!

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