Thursday, June 21, 2007

Therapy Blanket

Thane seems to be growing like a weed lately. We ordered him a weighted toddler blanket months ago. I knew we'd need a twin-size before long, but since he never would consider even using a blanket I didn't want to invest the money. I got in a Wiggles pattern as he was in love with The Wiggles. He screamed at the blanket the first day, but when he finally tried it he loved it. The toddler one was five pounds and it just calmed him right down for sleep.

He likes to sleep totally under the blanket at first, and he is just too long to be covered head to toe in a toddler-size blanket. He's wearing 4T sleepers from an OMOM friend -- who knew he would catch up so much so fast?!?

Anyway, I ordered a twin blanket in a Go Diego Go! pattern as that is one of his current favorites. He was cheering and jumping up and down when Dave was opening the box. I should have had the video going!

But what happened after that was priceless. He grabbed the pillow and tossed it on the floor to stand on it and jump off. Then he pulled the blanket out of the box, dragged across the fuzzy carpet, and put in on the couch. Then he dragged it back and climbed in the box, covered himself in the blanket, and asked for the pillow.

Dave joked:

"Therapy blanket and pillow, $119.99”

“Shipping for blanket and pillow $30.00”

“Child climbing in beat up cardboard box and covering himself with therapy blanket, priceless!

It was cute! I am editing this as I published this post to my blog and then Braeden came in with a picture of Thane that actually shows the box. The second and third pictures were taken earlier -- the second shows how happy he is with the blanket, and the third shows a silly smile and the pillow.

Anyone who is interested in a weighted blanket should consider this Natural Remedies for Autism ADHD . . . I have gotten my orders very quickly, even special orders, and they are nice fluffy blankets. She makes all sorts of sizes and lots of fabrics to choose from.


Kimberly said...

Thane looks so happy with his new blankie! :)

Oh, is it just me or is Thane's hair color changing? I thought it used to be more blond but now it has a reddish tint to it.

Bec said...

Thane's hair as always been a bit red, but it seems to be looking slightly moreso again.

M~O said...

Bec - thanks for the link to the blankets. A friend of mine's daughter sounds very similar to Thane, so I'll see if she is interested in the blanket to help with bedtime! And speaking of cords -- they had to change her to a clock on the wall & have an electrician come in to install a ceiling light since they found they could no longer keep a lamp in her room.