Thursday, June 28, 2007


It is always fun to try to get a picture of a child who keeps getting closer, and closer, and closer . . . but I had to post this cross-eyed image because Thane was successfully blowing the dandelion seeds. This from a child who didn't go through the usual baby ritual of blowing raspberries.

Thane has also given me six kisses so far this month! He can't really pucker yet, but the fact that he is trying to kiss is wonderful!

He is now an eBay model. It's kind of cute seeing him there in an auction for overalls (what else?).

I may have posted a little too soon on the name thing . . . the last few days his answer to the question “What is your name?” has been “Kipper.” I think some of it is him teasing us – he has decided he is pretty funny (must get that from his father!).

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Kimberly said...

Kipper? LOL! The kid does have a sense of humor doesn't he? :) He's adorable in the overalls. I can see why they wanted to use his pic.