Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. It wasn't very exciting . . . The sigh is for one of those moments that makes a mom cry. Thane is really, really off today. He was crying and wanted nothing to do with me. Braeden tried to calm him with a hug, but something happened and Breaden's finger got smashed under the roof of a rugged log-cabin doll house. Braeden started crying and sat in the corner of our sectional sofa. Thane climbed up on the couch, still crying too, and plopped himself in Braedens lap. B wrapped his arms around him and cuddled, but admitted it was
sometimes very hard to be his brother. It was really painful atching the two of them crying like that.

I imagine there are always times when having a sibling stinks, but the looks on their faces today was difficult.

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