Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I spoke with Thane's speech therapist for a few minutes after school today and she said she was trying to language evaluations with him and he was resisting. As if that should be a shock!

Anyway, she did get one adorable quote out of him. He was identifying pictures and she showed him a picture of food. He said, "That's a hungry! I love hungry!"

Dave joked that he must really love being hungry since he never eats anything.

Braeden just called on his cell phone (10 p.m.). It appears that he and a friend are getting to sleep in the school library this evening as I guess they both thought the other was bringing a tent. We expected to hear disappointment about not camping out, but instead he and his buddy are excited to haunt the library overnight and use all the reading pillows to get comfortable. It sounds like the head teacher suggested he be inside anyway because of his allergies, which is probably a good idea. Braeden seems to have gotten the environmental allergies while Thane has more food-related ones.


Kimberly said...

How did the campout in the library go? That sounds like fun!

Bec said...

I guess it went well until the wind took down a tent with about a dozen girls in it. One of them was freezing so Braeden let her use his sleeping bag to warm up . . . then they were ushered into the "circle room" off the library while the girls got the big room. Then they slept until 7:54, barely enough time to wolf down breakfast before class!