Saturday, September 09, 2006

Beach, Camping, School

It's been a busy week. Thane started school on Tuesday. He's been a riot this week. He spent an hour and half chasing seagulls on the beach, stopping to say "Birdie" and then approximate the sign for us (see picture below). His stamina is amazing. And every time one of the gulls flew away he would yell "Hey!" Then he would pause and say "Bye Birdie." He was running over sand, small painful (in my opinion) rocks, and even up onto the big granite stones. Yikes!

He took Thursday off from school as he was over-stimulated Wednesday night. He sat up in bed saying and signing his ABCs. For a kid who only spoke and signed 30 words a few months ago, he really amazes me. I can actually ask him what the sign is for things as he knows more than I do!

Braeden's camping trip went well, but he and his buddy were kept awake by an owl hooting. All the kids looked pretty tired at pick-up time today. It sure does look like a fun way to start the school year and it seems like everyone is looking forward to starting classes on Monday. I will be interested to see Brae's schedule. He wants to take Latin, extra science, and extra math. I think it is cool that he is filling up electives with some academic things. I was checking the bookmarks on his computer and all of his favorites are history sites. I'm not sure I would have been researching history on the internet at 8 years old, even if the internet existed back then!

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