Monday, September 11, 2006

Today was Braeden’s first day of school. It’s so interesting to see his schedule – it so varied. He’s taking math, earth science, American History, literature, writing, Latin, Spanish, photography, art, musical theatre, voice, music theory, drama, and he is tutoring in the lower school. It sounds kind of grown up for 8!

Thane continues to entertain us . . . we went away for the weekend and the boys were playing in a field at Schoodic Point. Braeden was pretending to be a lion in chase of prey, and little Thane was running away shouting “No dragon! No!” I think he gets this pretend thing pretty well for a kid who isn’t even three yet.

Thane has a new speech thing he is doing with /le/ and /la/ sounds. He asked for a “lelelelelapop” today, meaning a lollipop, and Dave told him no. A little while later he stood in front of the drawer that houses the lollipops . . .

“Lelelelelapops? Oh lelelelelapops? Where are you lelelapop?

“Oh look! A lelelelapop!

“Lelelapop? How are you lelelapop?

“Lelelelelapop . . .

“I like lelelelelelapop!”

Yes, it worked. He got the lollipop he wanted by being so cute!

Our trip this weekend was to check out property for a possible camp. The picture of Braeden below is from the first place he actually asked whether we were going to actually buy a piece of land – he rather liked this piece, but we’re totally on the fence still. The lighthouse pic is just a very "Maine" photo, so I thought I would post it too.

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