Thursday, September 07, 2006

Peek-a-Boo Man in the Moon

OK, I started a blog. What made me do it? It was listening to Thane play hide and seek with the moon as we drove home from Freeport this evening. Braeden is off at Tanglewood 4H Camp with his school friends -- bonding before classes begin on Monday. Thane was just too cute.

"Moon? Moon? Where are you Moon?"

Then the man in the moon peaked out from behing the trees . . .

"Oh look! There he ish! Hewoe Moon! How are you Moon?"

He actually spent a good half hour, maybe more, playing hide-and-seek with the moon. It was totally adorable.

We stopped at the grocery store as I asked Dave to get a copy of the Courier-Gazette's Thursday edition. I had emailed a cool photo Dave took on Monday as we were driving home from the beach. Dave wanted to check out his boat, and I said the sunset lighting would be a cool photo. We got a rainbow too. I call this "Rainbow over Moonrise." Moonrise is the blue Rhodes Meridian with the wooden mast in the middle of the photo. Not only did the newspaper publish the photo, it was front and just left of center on the front page -- lead position. You've got to like it!

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Liz said...

Your Thane-isms always make me smile.

What a beautiful photo! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs, Bec!