Thursday, September 14, 2006

Likable, Lovable Kids

I like my kids!

Braeden was the perfect diplomat in carpool today. One of the kids is younger and still requires a car seat/booster by law, though by size I would put them all four in them if I could. The younger one was being teased and Braeden acted as mediator. He also gave his friend a big hug when we dropped the first set of kids off, and another big hug when we dropped the younger guy off at home.

The “lelelelapop” kid is pretty cute too. He got more paint on him today – it’s getting to be a ritual I guess. I’m concerned that he got into some gluten today at school as his speech was just awful. He was trying to say flag, but it ended sounding much more like f--k! I was glad the 7- to 9-year-olds were paying attention.

My older two kids -- meaning my husband and Braeden -- got use out of our newly paved driveway today. They had their California Chariots out and were racing down the hill. Braeden also created some routines to show me.

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